What Is A Sublimation Printer & How Does it Work?

Many people ask us on Facebook and another forum that Is A Sublimation Printer & How Does it Work? and how does it work In simple words, sublimation printing is a method of printing that transfers a design into a fabric using heat transfer and ink. In the world of fabric, and you can easily print with high quality on any garment you need with this printing.

Sublimation printer?

The machine used for printing is known as a sublimation printer and, the essential item in printing is a printer. Although this printer is made for both factory and home use its depends on the requirements that suit your requirment0. Initially, sublimation printers were costly, and only a few people could afford this technology. But with time and the increase in demand for printing products, several companies start making sublimation printers, and printer manufacture reduced in price.

Converting Printer to Sublimation Printer

Many people have a question in mind if they can convert their inkjet printer into a sublimation one? The answer Is a big yes You can transform and recycle your old and new inkjet printers into dedicated sublimation printers. Still, the inkjet printer uses a different type of inks for printing on paper, so you have to do proper cleaning before converting your printer and make sure before adding sublimation ink doesn’t get in contact with the other ink used in the inkjet printer.

If you are thinking about doing it, all you need to flush out is remove previous old ink from the printer head and replace it with new sublimation. However, for better results, we recommend you use a new cartridge. if you want to know in detail, you can watch a detailed video about Converting an Epson EcoTank Printer into a Sublimation Printer.

How Sublimation Printing Work

So, if you failed to figure out how does sublimation printing work? we have written step by step guide to tell how it works

First, you have to print your design on sublimation paper. It’s a thick paper which is specially used for sublimation printing. Then print sublimation design is then printed onto the fabric by using a heat press machine. You can find out the best sublimation printer for t-shirt heat press here.

What is a Heat Press?

Sublimation printing is incomplete without a heat press. There are different heat press options currently available, typically its budget friend, but when it comes to bulk printing, heat press becomes expensive, which is more appropriate for commercial purposes. In addition, the size depends on usage and requirement for heat press machines come in different sizes.

The three most essential factors in heat transfer affect the image in printing.

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Pressure 

Best Sublimation ink

Always use high-quality ink for sublimation printers and if you are using reason, try to use Epson sublimation ink. The ink has four sublimation ink dyes, Magenta, Cyan, Black, and Yellow. When you use the Best sublimation ink, it will enhance your print quality and give you an accurate result for printing on t-shirt hoodies, mugs, etc.

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